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With over two decades of experience in cost segregation, we’ve navigated the audit process a handful of times, consistently achieving high rates of success defending our results. Check out what the IRS had to say about our defense below on one of the audits we were involved in below:

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Opt for our Audit Assistance service to bolster your confidence. In the event of an IRS audit, we will team up with your chosen tax professional (EA, CPA, or Tax Attorney, DIY Cost Seg is unable to be your direct representative), equipping them with the necessary cost segregation documentation, methodologies, and responses to IRS inquiries, ensuring you have the support you need during the audit. You must notify DIY Cost Seg LLC within 5 business days of notification for ANY AUDIT, whether or not the Cost Segregation results are initially questioned. It’s also imperative you furnish detailed photos/videos of the property under any audit circumstances. However, please note that we cannot guarantee any specific outcomes related to the audit.

“They were able to help us through our IRS audit with ease”

“I have used DIY Costseg several times. Very easy to use, easy to navigate through the form and very helpful to see your savings before you commit. DIY Costseg is very helpful. They were able to help us through our IRS audit with ease and confirm to the IRS that the Costseg’s were correct and warranted. I would recommend DIY Costseg and give a five star for their services.” 

-David P.

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