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Why use cost segregation?

Our software compares your building to similar buildings from thousands of our past fully engineered studies. It then applies historical average values for 5-year personal property, based on the criteria you enter. The 15-year site values are calculated based on site size which factor in building type as well as location. Once your criteria is analyzed, your custom values are calculated. After you make payment, your custom report is sent to you by email or is available by direct download as a PDF.

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We Utilize IRS Recognized Methodology

Did you know that, according to the IRS Audit Technique Guide, anyone can perform a cost segregation study? However, the real question is whether you’re optimizing your savings potential. To ensure you’re making the most of your cost segregation study, it’s essential to collaborate with a seasoned and well-informed firm.

At DIY Cost Seg, we take pride in consistently achieving favorable outcomes in IRS audits connected with our cost segregation studies.

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Instead of working with CPAs and Tax Engineers over the course of months, get your official cost segregation report in minutes.


Our DIY Cost Segregation software starts at $495 for residential properties of 4 units or less, $1295 for commercial buildings and residential properties with 5 or more units. Compare that with traditional cost segregation studies that start at a minimum of $5,000.00.


Opt for our Audit Assistance service to bolster your confidence. In the event of an IRS audit, we will team up with your chosen tax professional (EA, CPA, or Tax Attorney, DIY Cost Seg is unable to be your direct representative), equipping them with the necessary cost segregation documentation, methodologies, and responses to IRS inquiries, ensuring you have the support you need during the audit.


Your official cost segregation report is based on over two decades’ worth of research and experience. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of America’s top brands.

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Residential Buildings: 

Ranging from $495-$995 

Click here to get started on a Single Family Home through a 4-plex. For residential buildings containing 5 or more units use the commercial tab.

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Commercial Buildings:

Ranging from $1,295-$2,690 

Own a commercial building? From banks to restaurants, we have the study for you! 

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Report Corrections:


If you made an error on your input and need corrections, click here. Corrections will be made within 2 business days.

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