Why use cost segregation?

Cost segregation allows you to accelerate depreciation on portions of your building and site by identifying them as personal property. By accelerating depreciation you lessen your tax burden and put more money in your pocket. If the benefit of a cost segregation study gives you an additional $100,000 in depreciation for the first year that could be $37,000 in extra cash flow, if you are in the 37% tax bracket.

When will I get my results?

Your results will show up right away after you have paid. Simply fill out the form, agree to terms and conditions and hit the submit button. You will be redirected to PayPal for payment. After that, you will return to diycostseg.com where you can download your report.

Does cost segregation increase my chances of an IRS audit?

No, cost segregation will not increase the chances of an audit. We have been involved in well over 10,000 cost segregation studies and have only been to audit on 6 of those studies. To date, we have not lost or had mandatory changes as the result of an audit that we defended.

How does your audit defense work?

If you purchase the additional audit defense diycosetseg.com will defend your study if you are ever subject of an audit where the diycostseg.com study was used. The only cost to you will be direct travel expenses for us to visit the building that was the subject of the study. We will then perform a fully engineered cost segregation study that will be provided to you for the audit. We will also correspond with your tax advisor, and IRS representative, as needed during the course of the audit.

Can I utilize cost segregation after my building has been placed into service and the depreciation has started?

Yes, you can. Your previously filed tax return will need to be amended or depending on how long ago the building was placed into service, you may need to file form 3115 for a section 481(a) adjustment. A 481(a) adjustment is a change of accounting method. Any depreciation that should have been taken previously (had cost segregation been done from the time the building was placed into service) may usually be recaptured in a single year. If your tax advisor is not familiar with filing form 3115 we have accountants that we work with who will fill out the form for an additional fee.

Will I qualify for bonus depreciation?

Depending on tax law for the year your building was placed into service you may qualify for bonus depreciation. If this is a new building purchased or constructed in 2018 and through the end of 2019 all accelerated values will qualify for bonus depreciation. Consult your tax advisor to discuss bonus depreciation related to your particular situation.


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“As a builder/developer accelerated depreciation is a great tool for us to help defer taxes on current income and keep those funds available for new projects. Two issues I have had with traditional cost segregation analysis are expense and time to complete. The DIY Cost Segregation tool was very easy to use, much more affordable than a traditional analysis, and I immediately received the results electronically to pass on to my accountant. I will definitely use this service again.”

– William Hanser