Cost Segregation Calculator

Cost Segregation Calculator

Understanding the Cost Segregation Calculator!

The Cost Segregation Calculator is a digital tool that helps you estimate the benefits of conducting a cost segregation study. This innovative tool is designed to help property owners estimate potential tax savings through accelerated depreciation. This software is perfect for both experienced investors and newcomers in the property market. It analyzes building costs to reallocate them more quickly, allowing your commercial or residential property to depreciate at an expedited rate. Using this Calculator allows you to estimate federal income tax savings, providing projected allocations to 5, 7, 15, or 27.5 years for real property categories.

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How Does a Cost Segregation Calculator Work?

To use a Cost Segregation Calculator, you simply input your property details, including construction or purchase date, cost, and location. As well as building details including building type, square footage, appliances, and more. The calculator then estimates your years of tax savings, giving you a glimpse into your potential financial future.


Whether you own a commercial building, a rental property, or a large portfolio of properties, this software can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. It provides a detailed review of your buildings depreciation while unlocking thousands in tax savings.

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Cost Segregation Calculator

Residential Buildings: 

Ranging from $495-$995 

Click here to get started on a Single Family Home through a 4-plex. For residential buildings containing 5 or more units use the commercial tab.

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Commercial Buildings:

Ranging from $1,295-$2,690 

Own a commercial building? From banks to restaurants, we have the study for you! 

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Report Corrections:


If you made an error on your input and need corrections, click here. Corrections will be made within 2 business days.

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