Rental Home/Condo:


Starting at $495 up to $995

For a single family home up to a 4-plex Final price is based on the total depreciable basis of the building. Price is calculated when input is complete.

Commercial Buildings:


Starting at
$1295 up to $2690

For any commercial building or residential with 5 units or more

Final price is based on the total depreciable basis of the building. Price is calculated when input is complete.

Final Report Changes:



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Year Built
Year Purchased
Do not include land value. This should be all construction costs that will be capitalized, including soft costs, without land value. Total Purchase Price
This is the lot/ land that your building is situated on. If this is a zero-lot-line home, enter the square feet that is equal to the footprint of your unit's first floor. If multi-story zero lot line home, enter square feet as follows, Example 3000 SF building 3 floors is 3000/3=1000. If your building is not a zero-lot-line, enter the total site size, but DO NOT INCLUDE areas of natural vegetation that have not been improved with landscaping, parking area, etc. For example, your total site is 5 acres, but only a half-acre has been improved, you will only use the half-acre amount for total site size. If you have any questions about how to complete this step, please call us at 848-301-1862 for assistance.
Select the Building Grade
Total Number of Stories
Does your site have a sprinkler system for the lawn/landscaping? Do not include if condo

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Add Audit Defense for $195

Your results are backed up by over 15 years of experience and 1000's of fully engineered cost segregation studies which were used to provide consistent and accurate results. An additional layer of comfort and protection is available when choosing the full audit defense for an additional $195.00.

When choosing this option, should you become the subject of an audit, and questions arise in reference to the cost segregation study you purchased from, you will receive audit support. This will include all necessary detail to back up the numbers originally provided, at no additional cost. You will be responsible for providing detailed photographs of the entire property as that will be required to provide further detail as part of the audit defense process. We will also communicate with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf defending the results of the study.

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Total: $1490.00

“As a builder/developer accelerated depreciation is a great tool for us to help defer taxes on current income and keep those funds available for new projects. Two issues I have had with traditional cost segregation analysis are expense and time to complete. The DIY Cost Segregation tool was very easy to use, much more affordable than a traditional analysis, and I immediately received the results electronically to pass on to my accountant. I will definitely use this service again.?

William Hanser