Conversation with former IRS Agent Carlotta Thompson – DIY Cost Seg

Conversation with former IRS Agent Carlotta Thompson – DIY Cost Seg

Cost Segregation Introduction: Provide a short description of cost segregation, and its impact for property owners and investors, also an importance of having a tip from an ex-IRS official…

Background: Provide in-depth information on Carlotta Thompson’s background starting from her IRS experience, to the knowledge she has on tax issues related to real estate.

Insights: Highlights include advantages to be derived from cost segregation; misconceptions that exist; and advice relating to do it yourself for property owners.

Technicalities: Go deeper into the nitty-gritty of cost segregation by explaining how it works, what properties are eligible for it, and the tax implications…

Do It Yourself (DIY) Cost Segregation Described: This part will explain more about this DIY approach – what people need to undertake their own cost segregation studies, whether they would use special tools or resources for this purpose and when comes the time to call a professional.

However Possible Challenges and Solution: In your opinion, what could go wrong and how can we sort that out?

Example Or Case Studies: The impacts of cost segregation discussed by Thompson through some examples are given below in this article.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): It is important to address questions often asked about DIY cost segregation.